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Our Specialites


Therapeutic Injections

Injections can be both Diagnostic and Therapeutic.  At Hurford Interventional Pain, Orthopedics, and Rehabilitation we specialize in all manners of Interventional Injections.  We use Ultrasound as well as Fluroscopy (Live X-Ray). 



Ortho-Biologics is the area of medicine that involves the harvesting and injection of platelets and/or stem cells into injured areas of the body, to enhance a healing response.


Medication Management

In recent years Medications have received a "bad name" however when used appropriately, Medications can be a valuable tool, for helping people get their lives back.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are a key piece of your health.  When dealing with chronic pain, they play an even larger role.  Optimization of your hormones may allow you to have less pain, sleep better, and overall just feel better.